To purchase Protocol Emulator please use the PayPal Buy Now buttons below for the edition that you would like.

Before purchasing OCPE please download and install the application and ensure that it runs on your computer as refunds for compatibility reasons will not be accepted.

After you have completed the purchase you will receive your licence by email within a few days.

  • Explorer Edition

    Offstage Controls Explorer Edition is for those who want to learn how Art-Net and RDM work. Perfect for lighting students, technicians, and hobbyists. This edition can emulate up to 8 Art-Net nodes and 16 RDM devices. This licence is limited to two years.


  • Educators Edition

    Offstage Controls Education Edition for those who teach Art-Net and RDM work. This edition can emulate up to 16 Art-Net nodes and 32 RDM devices concurrently. Perpetual licence.


  • Developer Edition

    Offstage Controls Developer Edition for those who want to develop their own Art-Net and RDM technology. This is the ultimate package with all features unlocked. Perpetual hardware locked licence.


  • Unlicensed edition

    It's very important to us that OCPE runs on your system so we've made an unlicensed edition which is available for free. This edition will emulate a single Art-Net node without any DMX ports. This is just enough to ensure the software works on your computer and network. Once you are satisfied that the software is compatible with your system please purchase one of the above licences to unlock more features.


  • Custom edition

    If our standard set of editions aren't quite right for you then get in touch with us with your requirements.

    Prices from £250