OCPE is a software package that emulates existing and hypothetical Art-Net and RDM devices for the purpose of demonstrating how those protocols work to aid in the teaching of lighting control technology as well as aid the development of new and existing lighting control equipment.

Art-Net is an Ethernet based lighting control protocol created by Wayne Howell at Artistic Licence. Over 300 different manufacturers now support Art-Net in their products. However in order to understand how Art-Net works you have to have an Art-Net gateway plugged into your network.

If you are a developer of Art-Net compatible products you'll want to have several gateways at your disposal to check compatibility across multiple devices, configurations, and versions as well as scalability. The cost of all that hardware soon adds up. Well not anymore, with OCPE you can emulate Art-Net devices without having to invest in any additional hardware, just a Windows 10 computer!