Road map

The road map below is intended to show the direction of travel for OCPE, it is not fixed nor is it a commitment to implement a specific feature or to do so in a specific time.

If you would like to suggest to a feature or improvement please contact us.

For all editions:

  • The 2022 changes to the Art-Net standard including ArtPoll targeting.
  • Internal gateway web servers to support gateway configuration in a browser in a realistic manner.
  • Full documentation of gateway compliance / compatibility.
  • mDNS protocol emulation to support RDMNet broker discovery.
  • DHCP
    • An internal DHCP server which will not show any network transactions.
    • An full client implementation which will require an external DHCP server.
  • DMX output to USB widgets including:
    • ENTTEC Pro 1 and 2
    • ETC Gadget 1 & 2
    • JESE Tri
  • IPv6
  • RDM Proxy devicesĀ 

For Educator and Developer editions:

  • Configuration saving to allow a network environment to be quickly recreated.
  • Open Sound Control commands to:
    • Add/remove/reset gateways and devices
    • Adjust sensor values
    • Display universe / figure outputs
  • Add a JavaScript plug-in mechanism so custom devices can be emulated using predefined PID handlers
  • Create a UI option to allow responders to be added to multiple ports at the same time.
  • Add a command line / text user interface to allow for automated use.
  • Cross platform support for Linux / Mac.
  • Log the DMX / RDM output from a gateway's port and log this to an ENTTEC and/or ETC DMX sniffer files.

Possible new application layer protocols:

  • AES-70 for audio control systems.
  • E1.59 Object Transform Protocol.